We have User Manuals to help you learn about Assessment Center , PROMIS, Neuro-QOL, and NIH Toolbox.

The Assessment Center User Manual is a comprehensive guide that covers all software features. It includes step-by-step instructions and screen shots to help you learn how to use Assessment Center. It is a useful resource to search for needed information. Its content is also included within Assessment Center’s online Help feature.

The PROMIS Sexual Function User Manual provides information about the PROMIS sexual functioning measures. It is a useful resource if you are trying to select a measure and learn about its statistical properties.

The Neuro-QOL User Manual describes the Neuro-QOL framework and available Neuro-QOL measures, considerations for selecting a measure, instructions on scoring, and guidelines on interpretation.

The NIH Toolbox Administration, Training and Technical Manuals are available on the NIH Toolbox website ( through the "How Do I" link.